(summary) Booting diskless from different subnet

From: jaysun@cs.clemson.edu
Date: Mon Jun 11 1990 - 10:02:09 CDT

The following does reflect that proxyarp is the answer to my
question but as the kernel is finishing the boot my 3/50 hangs.
It hangs after the following:

hostname: ruby
domainname: .cs.clemson.edu
root on ypmaster-gw:/export/root/ruby fstype nfs
swap on ypmaster-gw:/export/swap/ruby nfs size 16384K
dump on ypmaster-gw:/export/swap/ruby nfs

I am not sure what is supposed to happen next but would assume /etc/rc
is supposed to get started. Packets are still getting through to the
ypmaster-gw but nothing else happens. If you don;t have a theory on
whats wrong I know someone has to know what the next occurences in the
booting sequence is.

Here is a summary of my original question:

>Because of space limitations on ypserver below we need to boot
>a diskless Sun 3/50 off of ypmaster. The problem occurs because
>the 3/50 is located behind the ypserver. The 3/50 sends out rarp
>requests that get answered by the ypserver therefore it wants to
>boot off of the ypserver.

( background stuff deleted)
(drawing deleted)

This is a summary of the answers I received.

Use proxyarp. The message from dlc@LANL.GOV best explains it.
>I think you can do what you want by putting a proxyarp daemon on
>ypserver, configured to answer for requests for Address Resolution where
>the IP address requested is in ypmaster's subnet. The address given to
>the 3/50 client when it asks for ypmaster's address should be the
>address of ypserver, so ypserver can route the messages on to ypmaster.
>I think a proxyarp daemon is available via anonymous FTP from
>titan.rice.edu, in a directory that includes "sun-spots" in the name,
>but not the archives directory.
>But be careful if you move a machine that runs proxyarp between subnets
>-- a misconfigured proxyarpd can make all sorts of packets disappear and
>thus stop effective use of the network. I guess that also means don't
>misconfigure it the first time you set it up. The problem I had with
>moving a machine is that I forgot to disable proxyarp, and I was very

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