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From: Mathew Mathai (MATHAIM@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU)
Date: Mon Apr 30 1990 - 11:35:45 CDT

A while ago I posed a question on this list. This is the result ...

QUESTION : We have a Sun 2/170 running Sun OS 3.5 and *NOT* running YP.
We wanted to use the campus nameserver instead of loading a (huge) static
host table in memory. We were only interested in using the resolver code
as we had no intention of making our Sun 2/170 a nameserver.

1. Set up YP and invoke it with the -i option ("ypserv -i" ) and create a
/etc/resolv.conf file that looks like :

Comment : We don't use YP and are not planning to (don't need to...etc )
so I couldn't try out this myself. (Most responses suggested this option)

2. Get the proper resolver library from (sun-fixes directory
off the top level of their ftp login directory). Put it in
/usr/lib/ (where X = current version + 1, i.e. don't over
write the existing /usr/lib/, just increment X). Create a
/etc/resolv.conf file (as described in #1 above). Run /usr/etc/ldconfig.

COMMENT : Unfortunately under Sun OS 3.5 we didn't have either a
/usr/lib/ file or the "ldconfig" program so I couldn't
try this out either. However, a friend of mine administers a Sun3 and
has 4.0.3 up and he tried it and he had it going pretty easily so it
might work for some of you.

3. Retrieve the ddn.tar.Z file from (sun-fixes dir mentioned
above ) and proceed with instructions given there.
(I'm going into detail here as I heard from a lot of Sun 2 administrators
asking about our experience with the ddn.tar package)

Comment : I retrieved the tar file and extracted the files. After reading
the README I found that I would need to install the libresolv.a file in
/usr/lib and netdb.h in /usr/include. The versions of both those files
were more current than the ones distributed with release 3.5. The
instructions say "Programs linked this library (libresolv.a) MUST be
compiled with the new netdb.h." I then rebuilt the kernel but I suspect
that I didn't have to do this as the sizes of the old kernel and the
new one were the same. (I thought that some part of the kernel code might
use one of these two files, hence the rebuild). We didn't have any
programs whose source or object files were available (didn't see any
telnet.o, ftp.o,tftp.o, ping.o etc files). So for these programs we
use nslookup (supplied in ddn.tar), get the IP address from our
nameserver and feed it to the programs. Soon I'll have a script that does
this (hopefully or I'll just go to 4.0.3 ). The ddn.tar file contains a binary which we installed in place of the current sendmail
program. This new sendmail supports mx records and also has resolver code
built in so it queries the nameserver (you don't have to have hosts
that you send mail to in your /etc/hosts file). Currently our /etc/hosts
file has only *two* entries : 1) loopback; 2) our Sun's IP addr
The package also has a file which I modified to reflect our
host and domainame. The permissions and owners on the sendmail binary and
the directory /usr/spool/mqueue have to match. Everything works fine
*so far* ...!

Thanks very much to all those who responded. I have tried to send each
one of you an individual reply but some of them came back ...


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