summary on vt100 terminal emulators

Date: Fri May 18 1990 - 16:24:53 CDT

Thank you to all who responded to my request concerning a public domain
vt100 terminal emulator to access VAXes through the Ethernet...
Here is a short summary of responses I got...
Special thanks to those at the end...
          Claude Cantin (CANTIN@NRCVM01.BITNET)
     We have tried a few PD VT100 emulators. VTTool is pretty good, providing
VT keypad functions through mouse clicks. I prefer crttool, which emulates
almost all of the VT220 functions, including double-high and double-wide chars.,
different font sizes and colors, 132-columns, and uses the Sun-3 (I think) and
Sun-4 keypad for emulation. Both of these run under Sunview, by the way.
I would suggest you fetch "screen" from the comp.sources.unix archives;
it does good vt100 and ansi emulation, and in addition will allow you to
keep several sessions around.
Send HELP to if you don't know how to get it.
The Rice archives ( has two: vttool and crttool. Get
crttool. It's quite faithful to the VT100 -- even has double high chars!
Try 'crttool' from . It seems fine for
emulating vtxxx terminals under suntools.
screen - it's basically vt100, although its main purpose in life is
to allow you multiple virtual terminals on any ASCII tube...
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