Summary: No color on a diskless, color SUN 3/60 client

From: Tony Tran (
Date: Fri May 18 1990 - 01:52:42 CDT

This list is wonderful !!!

My problem:

 I had to bring up a diskless SUN 3/60 client off a SUN 3.5 server.
 Repeated attempts to invoke "suntools" produced NO COLOR

The solution:

 I need to include the color frame buffer (/dev/cgfour0) in order
 to get color.

 Apparently, in an effort to streamline the ND client kernel, somebody
 commented out the line which included the driver for color frame buffer,
 because he never intended to have color workstations off this server.

 After I included the cgfour line in the config file, recompiled the
 client kernel, MAKEDEV /dev/cgfour0, and link frame buffer (/dev/fb) to
 /dev/cgfour0, the color came up OK.

Thanks to the following individuals who quickly responded (within 2 hours
of my postings):

Aydin Edguer <>
Rand Fischer <>
Kevin Sheehan <kevin@Corp.Sun.Com>
Navjot Singh <>


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