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Date: Thu May 17 1990 - 02:31:51 CDT

Thanx to all who responded to my mail.

When reading the messages I realized that I forgot to mention that this
SS1 indeed had something connected to the ttyb serial port, i.e. an Apple

Debbie's comment:
>it appears that there is a bug in the SunOS 4.0.3c kernel which may cause
>a data fault panic in situations when serial line I/O is being done.
>I have a printer attached to the serial port and I was printing out
>some documents when my SS1 crashed. Apparently, if an interrupt is
>received from the serial driver when a fork is in progress, the
>kernel can't handle the context switch properly and panics.

This crashing problem is known as bug #1029922 and there
might be a fix available at SUN. (or upgrade to 4.1)

Thanx to :
Don Hooper <>
Debbie Eckel <>
Sam Horrocks <sam@telegraph.ICS.UCI.EDU>

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