4.1 auto-mounter: summary follow-up

From: lamour@smiley.mitre.org
Date: Wed May 16 1990 - 07:37:48 CDT

        After I posted the answer to my problem, a couple of people pointed
out some possible ways around it. The first is a change in method, the
second joins the ranks of the many hacks around Sun problems.

Bob Cunningham's message dated: Tue, 15 May 90 06:44:37 HST
> Indirect maps reflect changes right away, direct maps don't until
> the automounter is restarted.

        Note: this is slightly misleading. First, new hierarchies added
to the direct maps get picked up immediately. The only problem seems to
be in changing a path that's already in the auto.direct map. Also,
killing and restarting the automounter does not fix this problem (see
point 2 below)

Clyde Hoover's message dated: Tue, 15 May 90 10:30:23 CDT
> 1. The automounter reads the YP maps or map file ONCE upon startup
> and never looks at it again. It must be killed and restarted.
> 2. To take the automounter down gracefully, do 'kill -TERM automount-pid'
> and then restart it. Don't kill the automounter ANY OTHER WAY or
> it will hang upon restart. At least that is the case with SunOS
> 4.0.3.

        I think that 'hang' is a euphemism for what really happens here.

> P.S. BTW, I had to "Use The Source" to find out this info. The FM
> lacks a lot of useful information.

        As a disclaimer, I'll say that I haven't tested either of these
(I'm trying to avoid a situation that will require me to. It would not
prove to be a fun thing to reboot all the nodes again should these not
        Thanks again for the response. I hope that this information will
help someone else (and I hope that this information will become obsolete
in SunOS 4.1.1 ;-)

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