4.1 auto-mounter: Summary (sort of)

From: lamour@smiley.mitre.org
Date: Tue May 15 1990 - 08:52:33 CDT

        I posted a question about the possible flakiness of the 4.1
automounter last night. I got one reply which kind of backed up
my guess:

Chris Barry's message dated: Tue, 15 May 90 00:32:56 EDT
> Hmmm... sounds like SUN still hasn't got its act together with the
> automounter. This business of changing automount maps (yp-maintained
> that is) was a nuisance under SUNOS 4.x.x, and based on your commentary,
> nothing has changed in 4.1.
> We currently distribute a set of direct automount maps and one
> indirect automount map via YP. The problem with automount is that
> it's not smart enough to REREAD these stupid maps after one has
> changed via YP update from the master YP machine: automount was not
> programmed to acknowledge a SIGHUP signal while it's running. The
> 4.0.3 manual indicates that this is a major flaw in the automounter.

        And the answer came shortly thereafter from one of my co-workers:

Glenn Roberts' message dated: Tue, 15 May 90 08:03:59 EDT
> From p. 460:
> "You can modify the automounter maps at any time, but that does not
> guarantee that all your modifications will take effect the next time
> the automounter mounts a hierarchy. ... You may want to reboot
> the machine ..."
> nice feature.

        That's pretty cute Sun...is this high on the to-be-fixed list?

Thanks to Chris & Glenn.

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