Summary: talking to an atomic clock

From: Rick Grubin (
Date: Mon May 14 1990 - 08:39:37 CDT

This is a short note summarizing all the quick and useful help I received
to a question I posed last Friday: "How can I talk to a Heathkit atomic
clock via a serial line?"

I did receive a few ways to tell the clock to raise RTS, and these did
do the trick. The most frequent (and the method I am now using) suggestion
was to install NTP (Network Time Protocol). I did recall Wm. LeFebvre's
recent message about it (~3 weeks ago), but apparently selective memory
won out.

I have now installed NTP and am able to sync up all machines with no
worries (so far). Thank you to all who responded with help:

Roy Smith (
Rich Wales (
Dan Trinkle (
Wilson H. Bent, Jr. (
Jim Knutson (
Bob Sutterfield (
Paul O'Neill (
Michael Trogni (
William LeFebvre (
Jim Guyton (
Mike O'Connor (

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