Summary: Printer Problem with the HP Laserjet

From: Eric Fung (
Date: Wed May 09 1990 - 20:19:36 CDT

Thanks to all the people who responsed.

A while ago we had a problem with printing using the HP Laserjet III through
the parallel port (/dev/pp0) of the Sun 3/80. As some of the folks
pointed out, there is a bug (ID 1026987) in the parallel port driver pp.o.
Last week, we finally got the patch, rebuilded our kernel, and the printer
is working fine.

Thanks to Erik Deumens ( and Bill McSephney
( who pointed out what the printcap and the output
filter should look like:

# Printcap entry
l-kap403|hplj|hplaserjet|KAP 403A HP Laser Jet III:\

#!/bin/csh -f
# @(#)hplaserjet 1.1 88/10/27 Sun Microsystems Inc 1988
# This file should be located in /usr/lib
# This is the output filter for use wth HP LaserJet I and II.
# It is called via the of entry in the generic_hp printcap entry.
# All that it does is send the escape sequence to the printer, so that:
# CR is mapper to CR
# LF is mapped to CR LF
# FF is mapped to CR FF
# and the first two lines reset the printer before each printing
/usr/bin/echo -n '^[E'
sleep 5
/usr/bin/echo -n '^[&k2G'
if ($status == 0) then
  exit 0
  exit 1

#Note: ^[ is the escape sequence

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