Summary : Network unreachable

Date: Thu May 03 1990 - 16:01:48 CDT

Thanks Sun Managers one again !!!!
Yesterday I posted to this list that, after I connected my machine to
departmental ethernet, I could not telnet, ftp etc to machines outside
our campus. All those who replied, without exception asked me check
my default router and the problem was as simple as adding a default
router to my machine (which it did not have). As super user I typed
route add default 1
where is our gateway to internet. Also a similar line was
added to rc.local.
As i getaher form the replies i received, at least a default router
is neccessary so that your machine knows where to send packets
destined to the nodes which it cannot contact. The router is
suppose to have the neccessary info to forward your packets.
Things are fine now. Thanks to all replied :, Keith
 Mike Pearlman <>
 Bill Selig - SysAdmin <seliwizard.uucp>
 Scott Paisley <>
 Marc Cohen <>
 Phil Ritzenthaler<>
 Hans van Staveren <> (Hans Buurman)
 Benny Yih <>
 stefan mochnacki <>
 Matt Crawford <>
 Randy Holt <>
 Robert Bruner <>
 Mahesh Kumar <> (Timothy Andre)
 Timothy G. Smith - Technical Consulting <>
 David Hollinger <>
 Roy Smith <>
 Evan Wetstone <>
 Thomas H. Ritter <>
 Tom Leach <>
 Morris Katz <>
 Ron Vasey <>
 Phil Hammar <atexnet!>
 Jon J. Brewster <>
 System Administrator <>
 Also whose mail is on the way and whose mail did not make it here.
 Boy! big list. This shows how many people seriously read this list.

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