Re: SUMMARY: fstab optons for NFS mounts

From: YATES, JOHN H. (
Date: Tue Apr 24 1990 - 17:01:00 CDT

In reference to the solution I posted for NFS mounts
to be harmless when machines are unreachable. I decided on:

node:/u1 /u1 nfs rw,soft,noquota,retry=3,timeo=10,retrans=10,bg 0 0

Several people have pointed out that rw should have hard, not soft
mounts. I don't think I want the tries to continue for days,
(wouldn't retry override this anyway?). If it can't reach the machine
within the parameters above, I believe file corruption is likely anyway,
and we might as well stop trying (soft vs. hard). (I do see that sun's
default for retry=10000 according to 'man mount' though. Perhaps 3 is
not enough?). (Hmmm. I was hoping for a clear 'best' answer, not a conflict
of opinions... oh well.)

I'm pretty comfortable with rw,soft unless someone can convince me
that hard really offers advantages. And perhaps a higher retry now
that they are in the background.


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