Summary : lpr out of memory

From: Steve Lee (
Date: Mon Apr 09 1990 - 17:55:54 CDT

About couple of weeks ago, I asked if anybody knew what "lpr out of
memory" meant, when one of the users tried to print a file right after
"tex" processing. This is really a known bug of lpr (bug id# 1020516).
Three persons pointed this out. Sun also sent me the patch tape of that
bug id. I have applied it to the 3/60, and so far so good.

This is the statement from the README of the patch:

        The problem is that /usr/ucb/lpr wrongly tries to allocate
        exess memory due to an internal routine wrongly masking a
        library call of the same name.

I got some 20 replies from you. Most of the replies said "lpr out of
memory" meant running out of swap space. Other ideas/suggestions are
like TeX document fonts are huge to fit into printer's memory, /tmp
filled up, /var/spool/lpd file system full, another version of dvi2ps to
reset printer's memory after n pages, etc.

There are some other bug id# that may be relavant to lpr:
        1022161, 1020516, 1016434, 1011856, 1016437

Thanks much to all replied: (Daniel Strick)
        timsmith@Sun.COM (Timothy G. Smith - Technical Consulting) (Ron Vasey) (Stan Barber)
        Jim Mattson <jmattson@UCSD.EDU>
        Eddie Brown <eddieb@EE.MsState.Edu>
        mrwallen@UCSD.EDU (Mark Wallen) (Paul T. Keener) (Karen M. Fulcher Scholz) (chuck strickland)
        David Wiseman <> (Daniel Phaneuf) (John McInerney)
        valideast!boo!fxf@uunet.UU.NET (Frank Farmar)
        Rob ten Kroode <rtk@styx.Holland.Sun.COM> (John Sutton) (Kay Nettle)

Steve Lee

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