Sun Wren VI firmware (Summary)

Date: Tue Apr 03 1990 - 03:30:06 CDT

Here's my summary of replies to the question:
> I understand that the 699Mbyte SCSI disk that Sun is now shipping is
> actually a Wren VI (I haven't touched one to find out). I have a rumour
> that Sun have modified the firmware in these for some reason and are
> keeping this firmware to themselves. I am about to purchase a small farm
> of Wren VI to hang off SPARCstations and would appreciate any info on
> whether Sun's changes are important (enough to warrant Sun's prices over
> street prices).

Out of 15 replies, one said buy HP disks 'cause you get a 5 year
warranty, one said that their new 4/330 turned up with Micropolis
drives and 13 said that they have had no problems with attaching off
the shelf Wren VI drives or Wren drives in general (including
connecting them to SPARCstations). One of those 13 was pretty certain
that Sun haven't actually changed anything due to lack of expertise in
that area.

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Full replies available if you want them, but be aware that I am
out of circulation for a couple of weeks, so hang in there.

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