SPARCstation 1 to SCSI-1 Connector: SUMMARY

Date: Thu Mar 29 1990 - 20:31:57 CST

Thanks to Sun-Managers, we were able to locate a cable to connect a
SPARCstation 1 to a Sony SMO-S501 Magneto Optical Drive.
The Sony uses the "Centronics" style 50 pin connector that is commonly
found on many SCSI subsystems intended for use with Macs.

The cable cost $75 from Pinnacle Data Systems. We had it within 2 days
of placing the order. Pinnacle's number is: (614) 487-1150.
They call the cable a "SCSI-1 to SCSI-2".

I received several other suggestions for potential vendors. Since Pinnacle
had the part in stock, I didn't contact any of them, but for completeness

Delta Microsystems : (415) 449-6881
R-squared : (800) 777-3478
DII Systems Integration (212) 248-7486

My thanks to:
Dan Butzer
James J Dempsey
Chris Johnson
Tom Bobowicz bobowicz@hal.CSS.GOV
Chuck Strickland
Dan Lorenzini gcm!amadeus!dal@norwalk.East.Sun.COM

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