LONG Summary of Alternatives to PostScript printing without Transcript

From: Wayne Little (rwl@umree.ee.umr.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 28 1990 - 09:12:51 CST

I have compiled a 300 line summary of both commercial & public domain
alternatives to buying Transcript from Sun in order to use a PostScript
printer. There are references to anonymous ftp access to hoardes of
available filters. Its too long to post here, but it was posted to
sun-spots-digest & issued Friday March 23 as Volume 9 : Issue 91.
sun-spots-digest is also echoed in comp.sys.sun.

I have also made it available via anonymous ftp on umree.ee.umr.edu
[] in subdirectory pub as transcript.alt

A summary of the summary is that it can be done for free (see the Long
summary for details :-) ), or an attractive commercial alternative is to
get a site source license for Transcript from Adobe for only $2950.

Hope you find this helpful,

-- Wayne Little Internet: rwl@ee.umr.edu Phone: (314) 341-4546
USPS: University of Missouri-Rolla, EE Dept., Rolla, MO 65401
"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones" Solomon

p.s. This was motivated by the 45% University discount we get from HP, making
a LaserJet IIP with an Adobe PostScript cartridge & 3 MB of memory only $1749 -
less than the cost of Transcript!. The LaserJet III is only another $495(disc).

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