Summary: YP & Automount

From: Marcel Bernards (ecn!
Date: Thu Mar 29 1990 - 06:48:03 CST

Hi there,
Time for a short summary considering the automounter and YP.

After several trial and error sessions adding an YP map, it seemes
that after modification of the YP makefile the maps _are_ created but
not being propagated to slave servers. The fix was not creating the
auto.*.{dir,pag} ( yp barfs corrypted dbm files) but rcp them from the
master first. After this, propagating them works fine.
Indeed I think (as Hal mentioned to me) this is a bug in YPxfr

I made the followin generic auto.master and auto.home:

# @(#)auto.master 1.0 Copyright 1990 ECN Petten M.A. Bernards
# This is the Auto.master file for ECN for all YP speaking hosts
/home auto.home -rw,intr,hard

# @(#)auto.home 1.0 Copyright 1990 ECN Petten M.A. Bernards
# All users home dirs available everywhere at ECN lan on SUN Workstations
# And other hosts undestanding YP and Automount(8)
#Key Mount options location
erasmus erasmus:/home/erasmus
senior senior:/home/senior
corona corona:/home/corona
fast fast:/home/fast
zahir zahir:/home/zahir
papa papa:/home/papa
piano piano:/home/piano
bolero bolero:/home/bolero
mondriaan mondriaan:/home/mondriaan
ecn ecn:/home/ecn/2
#ecn ecn:/home/ecn/1

the ecn entry does not work. In fact it mounts the right directory,
but the symlink is not OK:

cd ~bernards
/home/ecn/2/bernards : No such file or directory
cd /home/ecn/bernards -> Its mounted -> linked to /tmp_mnt/home/ecn/2

How can I get the right mount from 1 server with 2 partitions on line ??
I tried some variants , no luck. Do I have to specify each user instead of each
host in the auto.hosts ?? (This is not what I really want)

many thanx to: those who took the trouble to respond:

Jeffrey R. Tunison <>
Lee Vrieze <>
Cris Barry <cbarry@BBN.COM>
Hal Stern <>
Clyde <>
and others I lost in my folder ;-)


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