Summary: Exabyte on SS1

Date: Mon Mar 26 1990 - 04:01:22 CST

Thanks again managers!

Consensus is that Exabyte works well with the SS1. The following
points summarize what is needed to make it work.

1) A special cable. The SS1 uses a mini connector. This is
   relatively inexpensive (<$100) and easy to find.

2) A modified scsi device driver. The default 4.0.3c drivers do NOT
   support the Exabyte. Scsi driver which works with SS1 and the
   Exabyte, can be found from several sources, as listed below.
   Since most of the answers are from the US, prizes, etc, apply
   to the US only (I don't think it's hard to find the products
   in Europe, as I know sources for them here in Sweden).
   Driver sources:

   (o) Sun Consulting has a scsi driver which support the SS1. The
       prizes are:
          $300 for 1 system
          $600 for 10 systems
          $1000 for unlimited systems.
       Rumour has it that Sun will (may???) support the Exabyte in
       SunOS 4.1....

   (o) Apunix provides a separate "sx" driver for the SS1.
       Phone (619) 494-0074.

   (o) Artecon has an "enhanced st" driver (rumour is that Sun Consulting
       got their driver from Artecon...).
       Phone (619) 931-5500.

   (o) Perfect Byte supplies their own driver.

3) Good tapes. Use only the dedicated Exabyte tapes. And clean the
   drive once in a while (with a cleaning kit).

2.3GB of thanks to:
        Thomas Narten <>
        Viktor Dukhovni <viktor@math.Princeton.EDU>
        William LeFebvre <>
        Doug Neuhauser <>
        John McInerney <>
        I-Teh Hsieh <>
        Charles <>
        Dave <>
        Jan <jan@eik.II.UIB.NO>

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