Exabyte answers

From: Steve_Lammert@transarc.com
Date: Mon Mar 19 1990 - 08:33:06 CST

Thanks to the many people who responded to my questions on Exabytes.
The consensus is that Exabytes can, indeed, be mounted and used "sideways",
and that many vendors actually mount the drive this way.

(Actually, think about the 8mm drive in a SONY HandyCam and the sort of
rotational abuse that it takes. Why would an Exabyte be overly sensitive?)

My configuration was a 4/280S under 4.0.3 with a SUN-installed
streaming tape as "st0" (the only other device on the SCSI bus). The
standard SUN kernel config for "st1" (st1 at si0 drive 40) can then be
used as the driver for the Exabyte, with the drive set to SCSI address
5 and the terminators left in (although there's debate on whether it
really matters).


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