Answers to: Anyone know how to tune SHRMEM kernel parameters?

From: Ken Manheimer (
Date: Fri Feb 02 1990 - 14:55:26 CST

Well, with the information everyone sent in it looks like i'll be in
business. A number of people described the parameters involved and
how they should look in the config file and one person mentioned that
there are some specific details for tuning kernel IPC paramaters in
the sys admin manual. Well, stupid me, i had checked the 4.0.3 sys
admin addenda but not the main manual, and lo and behold there's a
reference section in the back with a part on "Advanced Kernel
Reconfiguration" that specifically addresses shared memory (though, i
shouldn't complain, rather tersely).

Thanks to all who responded, and a big Yay for sun-managers in
general. What a terrific thing to actually be able to tap our
collective knowledge for even immediate problems.


Ken Manheimer

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