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Date: Fri Feb 23 1990 - 14:35:07 CST

        I found this on Usenet, and as I haven't seen it mentioned here, I
figured I'd pass the info along to the rest of you. I haven't had time to
look at it yet, so I can't verify anything in this posting. I just wanted
to let you all know.

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From: (Steve Simmons)
Subject: [news.sysadmin] Sysadms Admin FTP Site Announcement
Date: 12 Feb 90 23:52:57 GMT
Archive-site: []
Archive-directory: unix/sysadmin

----- Announcing the systems administration archives -----

The University of Michigan computing center has graciously provided
disk space for building Systems Administration archives. This archive
is intended to be a gathering place for any and all materials of use
to UNIX systems admins.

We are attempting to make the archive as useful as possible. Rather
than simply throw things in at random, we are grouping and indexing the
contents. In each area is an extensive ReadMe file, with at least a
paragraph describing each item.

One thing we think is relatively new is the 'how-to' directory. This
consists of documents we have found on the net about how to administer
various things. Contributions are solicited.

We are currently archiving three mailing lists: the old Andrew Bert
security digest, the new Neil Gorsuch security digest, and Bjorn
Satedevas systems administration mailing list. Some of these are
incomplete, contributions are welcome.

The archives are still relatively new and incomplete. Your suggestions
and contributions are solicited. In particular we are soliciting docs,
fresh code packages (ie, not yet released to comp.source.*) and book reviews.

The material is available for anonymous ftp from
Look in the directory ~ftp/unix/sysadmin. At some point anon uucp access
will be offered, but no date has been set.

Steve Simmons

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