Sun-managers archive now available

From: William LeFebvre (
Date: Tue Jan 09 1990 - 17:03:18 CST

You read right.

I'm not claiming that this archive is complete, comprehensive, or even
all that useful. For awhile now I have been trying to save all
answers and summaries that have been sent to this list. I have NOT
been saving messages that are strictly questions (perhaps I should

This archive of messages is available via anonymous FTP from the
machine "". After connecting to that machine and logging
in (username "anonymous" and any password), change to the directory
"pub/sun-managers". There you will find a file called "Index" and a
few hundred files that fit the pattern "msg.*". These are all ascii
files. Retrieve the file "Index". The left column contains a
filename corresponding to a file in that directory (such as
"msg.0152") and the remainder of each line is the subject field for
the message contained in the named file. The "Index" file is sorted
alphabetically by subject. Each "msg." file contains one and only one
message. These files are typically less than 10K in size.

There is also a file called "all.tar.Z" which is a compressed tar file
containing "Index" and all the "msg." files. This is currently about
325K (for about 300 messages).

The message "numbers" (that is, the number in the file name) are
subject to change without notice, but the Index file is always correct
for the msg files currently in the archives.

I CANNOT provide a retrieval service for non-Internet sites. If you
can't use FTP, then you will have to ask someone else to help you
access these archives. Sorry.

I hope this helps.

                William LeFebvre
                Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
                Northwestern University

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