Summary of 4/330 vs 4/370

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Date: Mon Mar 19 1990 - 00:46:00 CST

This was my original mail:

>Which is the "real" diference between the SPARCserver 330 and 370? It looks
>to me that they have the same performance only differing in disks space and
>number of available slots. Am I correct?
>It's possible to connect an 8mm backup device to them? From which suppliers?
>I would like to know your opinion about the SPARCserver 4/390.

Considering some documentation and the answers I got, the guidelines that
I realized are:

- For expansion purpose the 4/390 is a very good option;

- As they are equally performant machines and the expansion capabilities
  aren't so different, is not clear to me why the 4/370 costs more then
  the double of the 330 (at least in my country ...)

Thanx to William, Paul and Tad for their answers


It's a great machine. I highly recommend it. When we were
considering a server, we compared the 370 and the 390 and decided that
the added advantages of the 390 far outweighed the small difference in
Advantages: larger disk, faster disk, room for more disk expansion,
easy to upgrade to a 4/490 if that is desired.
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the difference between any 4300 based system in the chassis. the 4/330
is tiny, the 4/370 is midsized and the 4/390 is in the x90 chassis. the
x90 chassis is the only one that currently supports the 8mm drive and
the 4400 cpu.



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I'm told the 4/330 has a weak power supply, and that's why Sun doesn't ship SMD controllers with it. I'm also told that Sun sells a better power supply for the machine... ...tad ================================

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