Re: Summary: duplicate copies

From: mike anthis (bcstec!sleepy!louie!
Date: Wed Mar 14 1990 - 09:06:22 CST

>> From: Joan Curry <bcstec!uunet!!bdrc!jwc>
>> It was a screwup at [name deleted], where the sysadmin set up an
>> internal redistribution list that had the unfortunate behavior of
>> redistributing articles back to the parent list.

I have been wanting to set up a redistribution list.

I have asked the {sun-spots,sun-managers} folks for advice on how to do it,
or how not to do it, or whether it should be done at all. I never got
a reply. [I'm not angry; I realize that the list-maintainers have limited
time for a huge and sometimes thankless job]

I wonder if, now that the need for advice is more apparent, someone might
explain the do's and don'ts of setting up redistribution lists?

I will summarize anything sent to me. (please note the funny Reply-To header;
it separates the wheat from the chaff).

Thanks in advance, and seriously, thanks even more to those list maintainers!!!

Mike Anthis uunet!bcstec!sleepy!anthis
"My karma ran over my dogma."

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