Summary - diskless 3/80 client setup

From: Steve Lee (
Date: Thu Mar 08 1990 - 18:48:15 CST

The problem turned out to be an incorrect link. For some reason, my
/export/exec/sun3x, which is /usr of the client and should link to
/export/exec/sun3, linked to /export/exec/kvm/sun3x. After this fix
(and some other little touch ups for the local environments), the client
ran great. Here is something that I like to share with anyone who is
going to do the same thing.

1) Run /usr/etc/install/setup_exec to convert the server from
homogeneous to heterogeneous, if necessary. The syntax of setup_exec in
the online man page is the correct version, although it is different
than that in the installation manual.

2) /etc/hosts and /etc/ethers should have one and ONLY one entry for
each client.

3) Run /usr/etc/install/script/setup_client to generate the system for
the client. Again, the syntax of setup_client in the online man page is
the correct one.

4) If you ever have to re-run the above command, be sure you clean up
the directories /export/root/NEW_CLIENT, if for some reason it was not
removed by setup_client remove command.

5) Edit /etc/bootparams, /etc/exports for the correct entry of the
client. For some local networks, like in UCSD, the full qualified
network address of the client is required in these files.

6) Follow the instructions in "System and Network Administration" to
finish setting up a network client.

Many thanks to the persons who replied. (John McInerney) (Rick Accurso)
        wallen@cogsci (Mark Wallen) (Wade Blomgren) (William LeFebvre) (fabrice cuq) (Lee Vrieze) (Mark Plotnick) (Erik) (Steve Jay)
        dlc@c3.c3.LANL.GOV (Dale Carstensen)
        Charles <>
        aldrich@sunrise.Stanford.EDU (Jeff Aldrich)
        Chris Franz <>

Special thanks to John McInerney for sending me the tapes of OS4.0.3 for

Steve Lee

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