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} Subject: Re: How to calculate partition table information (SUMMARY)
| Since some people also requested the information, here is a summary to
| my question on how you calculate the disk partition information.

Since I posted my summary earlier today, other people have responded
with information that may be useful for those who asked to hear what I
have found out. Basically, one can specify the partition information
by only giving the cylinder number, and let format worry about the
details. As usual, most of the responses were great, and here is one
example explaining the cylinder method.

| From: (Ron Vasey)
| Assuming your format.dat info works and the disk formats without errors
| (it should--pretty close to the figures given in my Imprimis Products Guide),
| you would have 1626 cylinders available. You can calculate bytes/cylinder
| as (512 * nsect * nhead = 407,040 or ~400K) and estimate partition sizes
| from there, or do it the easy way and feed "format" the starting cylinders
| and sizes by cylinder/track/sector (not absolute blocks) and let it do the
| nasty calculations. For example:
| a: start 0/0/0 size 540/0/0 ~220 MB
| c: 0/0/0 1626/0/0 ~662
| d: 540/0/0 540/0/0 ~220
| e: 1080/0/0 546/0/0 ~222

Thanks again to all who responded!

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