SUMMARY: adding memory to SS1's

From: Mark Morrissey (
Date: Thu Mar 01 1990 - 08:20:12 CST

Once again sun-managers to the rescue...
(where have I heard that one before :-)

Many thanks to everyone who replied to my earlier request for
experiences adding third party memory to SS1's. While it seems that
most respondents are *adding* memory to the existing Sun 1MB's, most
did not encounter any problems with either the 4MB DRAMS or the vendors
with whom they dealt.

We have opted to go with Clearpoint as we are pleased with previously
purchased memory and are very pleased with the price which our
preferred source (Software Associates) charges. Also, Clearpoint
states that 64MB in a SS1 will work ok and they will support their
product in that configuration (one respondent heard a rumour...).

Here is an edited version of the replies which I received. As they
condensed so nicely, I opted to include them all. Special thanks to
garyjo@teksce.SCE.TEK.COM who pointed out that I meant DRAMS when I
said SRAMS in the original text - proves your never too old to learn ;-)


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[Note: I will save these and any future contributions on this subject
in case a similar request occurs in the future.]
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(from stellabo@cshlab)

We are currently using Clearpoint 4mb chips mixed with Sun's 1mb chips
in our SS1. We have 28mb total ----- NO PROBELMS installing or using.


I am not using any 4M but I just want to let you know that Sun also offers
4M rams. For what it is worth:
X116H 16Mb expansion memory(4Mb simms) list price $5800 (If you have 40%
discount $3480)


Before going with Clearpoint, you might want to call the memory
vendors in the back of MacWeek (or whatever). I don't know about
4MB sims, but I was able to get a lot better deal from Joe Random
mac-memory vendor than I was for "sun" memory (yes, I bought 1x9's
and not 1x8's!).


We are running 4 meg simms in both 4/330's and 4/60's. We are using
Helios and clearpoint, though I expect similar results from
clearpoint. I did hear of some problem running > 40 meg on the spark1
though. If i were you i'd check with sun on this issue ( > 40 meg ).

We are having no problems with the mem. Several of the machines use
only 3'rd party memory. Even if it becomes an issue, you can always
remove the 4meg simms and put in the 1 meg ones from sun. ( I really
don't think it will be an issue ).


We have an SS-1 with 8 MB Sun RAM plus 16 MB Solflower RAM (4 MB SIMMs).
No problems after 4 months of work.


We are using Clearpoint 1MB SIMMs in 5 different SS-1s which have from
12-16MB. Clearpoint supplied 100ns chips and they work fine. There
have been no failures.

I also have some Clearpoint memory in two 3/60s.

I once had a failure in some Clearpoint memory in a 3/60. The failure
happened about 3 weeks after installing them. They cheerfully
replaced 4MB worth with no questions asked.


I have 4-4MB Clearpoint SIMMs and 4-1MB Sun SIMMs in my SS-1 (20MB total).
No problems.

All the hoo-ha about memory speeds can pretty much be forgotten if you are
dealing with a reputable company like Clearpoint, IMHO. They're gonna sell
you what works, not what might work. After all, they're in the business for
the long haul. It does them no good to offer marginal products.


I bought 4 4mb SIMMs from AnDATAco of San Diego (responsive third party
vendor) and run them in a SS1 with 8 1mb SIMMs for a total of 24mb.
They have a decent price - $700/4MB SIMM last time I checked.

(from garyjo@teksce.SCE.TEK.COM)

We've had good luck with Clearpoint. Also you want 100 nanosecond DRAMs not

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