Exabyte on A Sparc - summary

From: Germain.OsbuSouth@xerox.com
Date: Thu Feb 15 1990 - 12:15:09 CST

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I have a problem doing my backups on a Sparc. I run the exact same script
on a 4/110 and it works fine. I am using the Sun Consulting Special
SS1-Tape driver for the exabyte. The problem is as follows:

Any help that is offerred would be appreciated and I will summarize to this
list when I find a solution.


I got several responses. Most said that it was a problem with cron (which
I agree with) running cron jobs twice. Two responses indicated that if you
are doing dumps to more than one machine at a time and are running seperate
scripts then there may be some conflict. It is fairly easy to run from one
script and have dumps on multiple machines (I may try this if the cron fix
is unsuccessful).

Other useful responses included a problem with the time between a a
filemark being written to the tape and the resetting of the exabyte. Since
I already sleep for 2 minutes between dumps I don't think this had an
affect, but it is good to know. The only other useful remark was to run a
perl script to check the backup, pardon my ignorance but what is a perl
script? It seems like a good idea to check the scripts autmatically and
report failures to be corrected, I currently don't do that.

The last response was that I didn't have a tape in the drive. I'm not that
ignorant. THANK YOU for all who responded.

Burt Germain
Xerox Corp.

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