Summary: syslog doesn't log

Date: Tue Feb 13 1990 - 03:54:44 CST

Thanks sun-managers!

My problem was: my server's syslogd didn't log the messages it
received in any of the files specified in syslog.conf. This
happened when I upgraded from 4.0.1 to 4.0.3.

Sollution: As most people who answered my call for help guessed,
I had a line "define( LOGHOST, 1 )" in the /etc/syslog.conf. This
line was apparently added for SunOS 4.0.1, to fix a loop bug in
syslogd. Since I've removed that line from syslog.conf (and done
a "kill -HUP <syslogd-pid>"), everything works fine.

I think this list is GREAT. I received 6+ replies even before my
question got back to me here in Sweden. Thank you very much to all
who responded and helped me out! Here is a list of some of you: (George Nassiopoulos)
        don@DOUG.MED.UTAH.EDU (Don Baune)
        ... (Dr. J. Holzfuss) (...) (Katherine Hosch) (Glenn Little)
        per@erix (Per ...)

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