clock speed summary

Date: Mon Feb 12 1990 - 08:49:04 CST

I posted a message last week asking if it was kosher to run rdate at regular
intervals from our workstations or there was a better solution. Sun-Managers
answered both questions.

Everyone who answered the rdate ? said that they have been using rdate
from cron with no problems.

The better solution was to run ntp. I have sent requests to a couple of
Stratum 1 servers for ntp requesting their use but have yet to hear back
from them. This looks like the way to go for better then TIMEX time.

Thanks to,
Barry Boes <boes@Corona.ITD.MsState.Edu>
Bennie benny@DOUG.MED.UTAH.EDU (Dick St.Peters)
brownj@challenger.Colorado.EDU James D. Brown (Keith Lewis)
Seth Robertson <>
Jim Knutson (David Carter)

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