Summary of SS-1 client won't boot

From: Steve Lee (
Date: Wed Feb 07 1990 - 16:00:30 CST

Earlier this morning, I asked for help for the problem of my SS-1 client
failing to re-boot after I had moved /usr/share from internal disk to a
new external disk. I got a few responses back. Here is the summary.

1) With the client up and running, /usr/share should be re-exported
(maybe rebooting the client, too) to get the right mapping on nfs.
This was done by rebooting the server and the client. That was when it
hung with RPC fail messages.

2) This was my mistake and the main reason why the client wouldn't boot.
I installed the Library Resolver ( on the server even earlier.
And I did not realize it then required the full qualified internet name
of the client in the file /etc/exports and /etc/bootparams. After I
modified these two files and reboot the system, everything looks fine

Many thanks to the persons who replied:

        Elizabeth Piechowicz
        Katherine Minister Hosch from U.Texas
        Mark Wallen from UCSD
        Janakiram Cherala from Oregan State U.

Steve Lee

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