finding numerical Internet Address SUMMARY

From: Thomas Wong (
Date: Tue Feb 06 1990 - 20:03:54 CST

Here is my summary of my problem of finding numerical internet
address of sites when only provided with Internet address names.
I needed the numerical value because if I ftp using the Internet
address name, it must be defined in my /etc/hosts file. Otherwise,
I must use its numerical equivalent to ftp.

[ 1 ]

Use 'whois' which comes with your Sun. 'whois' would sign onto (or to get the info. Therefore, you must
have this entry in your /etc/hosts file. Here it is: nic

[ 2 ]

Sign onto and do the search yourself. is some sort of a nameserver so you there is no
login prompt or password needed. Just telnet into it and it'll
have a help screen with instructions for you.

[ 3 ]

Use 'nslookup' with a DNS (Domain NameServer). If you know of a
DNS that you have access to, then you can set up 'nslookup' to
access information from there. To set it up, you just need the
file /etc/resolv.conf (Note: the man page of 'nslookup' is wrong.
There is a typo. The file you need is 'resolv.conf', NOT
'resolve.conf'. Thanks to for
telling me to try both names). Look at the man page of 'nslookup'
for more information on this command. Look at the man page for
'resolve.conf' to see how 'resolv.conf' is setted up. For single
host machine, you only need two lines in this file:

domain <local domain name>
nameserver <numerical Internet Address of nameserver you'll be using>

You may add more domain definitions and/or more nameservers
if you wish. There is also a definition for preferred networks
under the declaration of 'address'. More info in man page.
I know 'nslookup' came with Sun OS 4.x.x but I'm not sure how
you can get access to one otherwise.

Bascially, that's it. You will then be able to find info on other
sites. Does anyone know of a good nameserver that knows a good
number of sites?


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