Summary of Hard ecc error

Date: Wed Jan 31 1990 - 12:07:09 CST

I am greatful for all the quick responces.

The question was what to do with a Hard ECC ERROR?

Jan 30 14:32:04 doug vmunix: xy2h: read failed (hard ecc error) -- blk #64303, abs blk #64303

The answers are
1- From Sun's Answer line
   Call hardware, this is a controller or disk problem in all likelihood.

Which is what is probably best but it is sure a lot of work to get a new
disk formated and files restored, etc. Especially if there is a easier way.
Several people expressed the same expierence and how they seem to have to
replace everything in the system to make it go away. I may be kicking
myself next week for not doing this in the first place.

2- The answer that I was looking for. I think?
  Under SUN OS 4.0x there is a repair option under the format. This allows
a bad block to be mapped out or slipped if the disks allow this. This is the
one that I tryed and it appears to have taken care of the problem. Given
that it is just a bad spot that showed up it should take care of the
problem. If the disk is going bad or the controller is flaky things will
probably get worse real quick. Only time will tell.

If you are running SUN OS 4.0.* then you can use the analyze and
repair operations in the format program. The system can be up (even
multiuser), but no partitions on the disk can be mounted. (If your /
and /usr are on the disk you will have to boot from tape or from the

thanks to all who responded to quickly.
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