Summary of responses to Re: `tip' dying gracelessly

From: Eric Hanchrow (yamada-sun!
Date: Mon Jan 29 1990 - 11:18:27 CST

Thanks to everybody who responded to my question about `tip' dying
graacelessly. In accordance with something I read somewhere, I will
summarize the responses.

Many of y'all suggested changing either the `tip' escape or the
`rlogin' escape character, so they weren't both the same. Advantage:
Pretty easy to do. Disadvantage: Users have to remember to take
action to make these changes take effect (Like invoking `rlogin' with
the -e option, or making a .tiprc file).

Bill Voss had an interesting idea -- use `telnet' instead of `rlogin'.
I didn't even know Suns came with telnet.

Many people mentioned making sure that there were no lock files (LCK*)
lying around in the spool area.

This one was unusual, and had never occurred to me:

        Rather than rebooting, you can try disabling the tty by
        turning off the port in the /etc/ttytab file, issuing a "kill
        -1 1", than re-enable the port and do another "kill -1 1".
        This worked for us in the past. Matt Goheen

I'll have to try that.

Here's some good advice in general:

        Make sure your RS232 cable is set up correctly (see the
        manuals for your modem and async device), that the port has
        modem control enabled, and that the modem is configured to
        reset on a DTR transition. wayne@Solbourne.COM (Wayne Trzyna)

Don't know which method I'll try, but the problem may be moot -- I
yelled at the users so much on Friday that they'll probably never run
`tip' throgh an `rlogin' again! ;-)
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