Exabyte??? : SUMMARY

From: martin@molndal.ericsson.se
Date: Mon Jan 22 1990 - 08:02:30 CST

Thank you all! This list is great!

In reply to my questions about the Exabyte (Does it work? Problems? etc)
I got a lot of answers. Seems like this isn't the first time the question
has come up... Sorry that this summary hasn't arrived before now, but
I've been visiting the U.S. for a month and just got back.

The answers to my questions about problems, can be summarized as follows:

1) Many problems due to Sun's scsi driver.
   Solution: Buy package including a driver. Exabyte with Cipricio's
   scsi board and driver works great.

2) Most problems are due to bad tape quality or dirty tape drive head.
   Solution: Clean head using Exabyte tape drive cleaning kit, and
   buy only Sony tapes (they have tapes marked "Exabyte" which
   allegedly are tested more thoroughly).

Many people recommended to buy the Exabyte from either Apunix or
Delta Micro Systems. Both companies are described to provide well
functioning hardware and software, as well as excellent service.

I was happily surprised to discover that 99.94 % of all answers were
favourable to the Exabyte. Most problems seem to have been resolved
and the system appear to be quite stable.

Thank all who mailed me about the Exabyte! I really appreciate the
time taken and all the interesting ideas and comments made. They
will help me a lot to get started and better utilize the Exabyte I
now have decided to buy!

Best Regards,
Martin Fredriksson <<martin@molndal.ericsson.se>>
Sun/Unix System Admin, Ericcson Radar Electronics, Molndal, Sweden

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