Summary two, statics route problem

From: Marc Cohen (
Date: Fri Jan 19 1990 - 13:26:30 CST

Thanks, once again, to everyone who responded to my routing problem. These
are the people who sent me info after my first summary.

I certainly got an education about routing and netmasks. The solution (as
you all know already) was to use the same netmask (
on both interfaces and run the proxyarpd on the side connected to the rest
of our 'flat' Class B network. Adding a default route to this same interface
enabled the gateway and its clients to see all of the rest of the
machines in our network and beyond.

I guess this still violates the 'only one netmask per network rule' since these
are the only machines not using the default netmask. I don't see any way of
getting around this until/unless the whole campus is subnetted. There are
many, many machines here that can't handle subnetting.


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