/tmp mode changed by restore : Summary

From: Steve Lee (stevelee%osiris@ucsd.edu)
Date: Fri Jan 19 1990 - 00:32:40 CST

As I mentioned earlier, it was my mistake to screw up the vi and mail, etc.
Here is the story.

I was doing restore of somebody's missing files when the mode of /tmp is
got changed to read-only for the group and world. The last question of
restoring process asked about setting the mode of the file/directory
which, I thought it was the restored files, was actually the current
directory /tmp. That was how it's got changed.

I got a few replies. John R. Deuel got me the above answer.
mcgrew@dartagnan.rutgers.edu mentioned the mode changed of /tmp.

Thanks for all replied.

Steve Lee

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