Re: Resetting modem to 2400 baud after each call (SUMMARY)

From: Andrew Patrick (
Date: Thu Jan 11 1990 - 15:59:45 CST

Sun-managers comes through again!

Earlier today I asked the following question:

| I am trying to install a Hayes modem on a 3/60 (Sun OS 4.0.1) so that
| users can call in from home and login to the system (no UUCP traffic,
| just login). I can get the system configured to run getty on the line,
| and the users are able to call in successfully. However, I need to
| find a way to reset the modem to its maximum speed (2400 baud) after
| each caller.

| So, my question is: How can I reset a Hayes modem to 2400 baud before
| it waits for calls?

A number of people replied, and the responses were of two types.

Most people suggested that my modem script needed a line containing
   #! /bin/sh
at the beginning so that exec would know how to execute the file.

A couple of people, however, suggested that the modem parameters could
be adjusted such that the Hayes modem would reset on each logout. This
is this solution that I tried. In particular,
(sometimes the best people are right next door) suggested I try the
following settings:

        ATE0 - Echo off
          Q1 - No response codes
          s0=1 - Ans. in 1 ring
          &c1 - DCD follows real carrier (logout when phone is hung up)
          &d2 - Disconnect on DTR loss (hangup phone on logout) (Per Hedeland) also suggested that &D3 may be
appropriate, since this causes the modem to do a complete
reinitialization on loss of DTR, which should happen after each

The modem seems to be working fine now (with the &D2 setting). Thanks
to all who responded.

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