Re: Who sells long keyboard cables for SPARCstation I? (Summary)

From: Johan Widen (
Date: Thu Jan 04 1990 - 08:03:16 CST

>>>>> In article <>, Johan Widen <> writes:
jw> We have successfully connected our Sun-3 CPU's to screen and keyboard with
jw> cables about 25 feet long. We would like to do the same with our
jw> SPARCstations but are unable to locate a supplier of the keyboard cable.
jw> The crux seems to be that it is very difficult to solder the mini-DIN
jw> contacts to the cable.

jw> Does anyone know of a supplier of long keyboard cables for the
jw> SPARCstation?

My thanks to all who responded.

I have not found a supplier who sells these cables readymade (I have contacted
all companies I was pointed to).

The best bet is to contact
        Computer Cable Inc. 303-466-1733 (Denver, CO)
they make cables on order. You have to give them a spec for the cable however:
pinouts, what type of cable to use and so on.

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