Wren V boot problems Summary

From: Stephen Carr (steve@icad.com)
Date: Wed Jan 03 1990 - 10:04:21 CST

        Thanks to all of you who responded to my request for help
        with booting from a Wren V. The general consensus was that
        I should check to make sure I was properly installing the
        bootblock. I checked my manuals again just to be sure and
        the bootblock was being installed properly.

        The problem turned out to be my boot command, I was using

>b sd(0,2,0)vmunix

        to boot from sd2, this was incorrect. I actually should have
        been using

>b sd(0,8,0)vmunix

        because sd2 is drive eight attached to controller sw0. This
        was revealed by grepping /sys/sun4/conf/GENERIC for sd2.

        I had alos requested information about micro scsi to scsi cables,
        The following vendors were reccommended:

        NuData -- phone (201) 842-5757
        Sun -- part number 530-1435-02, order number X931H, Cost $20
        Uninet -- Phone and address unknown

        Thanks again to all who responded and in particular to


        Steve Carr Icad, Inc.
        steve@icad.com 1000 Mass. Ave.
                                        Cambridge, MA 02138
                                        (617) 868-2800

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