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From: Brian Colfer (
Date: Fri Dec 15 1989 - 18:24:29 CST

Thanks to the following people:


The most common response was ...

"I don't know about pax, but tar doesn't support multi-volumes on SunOS."

    (pax(1) BTW was distributed quite a while ago on comp.sources.unix and
    is the POSIX tar/cpio program with a simplified option set and tar or
    cpio interface options... very slick but dosen't appear to work entirely
    as documented... on SunOS 4.0.3)

An number of people pointed me in the direction of GNU tar which is
documented as supporting multivolumes, among other features. I did
not ftp GNU tar (which is available from ccb.ucsf.EDU:Gnu/tar.1.07.Z)
and no one said that they actually used this feature. So, if anyone
has used GNU tar to create archives spanning more than 1 tape please
send me mail.

But, gcm!amadeus!dal@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Lorenzini) came up with the
solution, from my perspective. Dan pointed out the bar(1) command.
Now I thought that bar was only on the 386i systems as my copy of
the manual says ... but lo and behold its there and works. There is
a problem with bar that I can live with ... the archives are not
in tar standard format.

So, if you want to make multivolume archives and don't want to backup
the whole disk use bar... (or GNU tar if it actually works...)

Thanks again...

This sun-managers really works!

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