exabyte announcement

From: dyker@boulder.colorado.edu
Date: Fri Dec 08 1989 - 17:13:13 CST

They've signed an agreement with Sun so Sun will be an OEM vendor/
integrator for 4/390s and 4/490s with an exabyte.
I hope this means that SunOS will support exabyte in generic
kernels and scsi drivers for all platforms. It's about time!

Also, Sun now has available patches to make an exabyte work on
a Sparcstation1. You can get the "consult-ss1tape" from your Sun rep
or the Consulting Services Division 415-336-2400.

I happened to find this stuff out talking to a rep at Exabyte today.

Eat it up.

Barbara J. Dyker
dyker@boulder.Colorado.EDU or

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