Sparcstation 1, GX Graphics Accelerator, and CG6 Patch Tape (SUMMARY)

From: Andrew Patrick (
Date: Sun Dec 03 1989 - 14:16:52 CST

On Dec 1, 11:36am, I wrote:
| I am installing a new Sparcstation 1 with the GX Accelerator installed. I
| am installing Sun OS 4.0.3 International Sun-4c.
| When Sun shipped the machine, they also sent along a patch tape on 1/4"
| media lablelled "SunOS 4.0.3 (CG6-PATCH) S3, S3X, SPARC". I tired
| applying the patch but the new kernal on the tape would not boot. So, I
| talked to my local Sun tech and he said, in a very unsure voice, that "he
| doesn't think that I have to apply that patch on the Sparstation 1".
| My questions are:
| 1. Is it true that this patch tape is not appropriate for the
| Sparstation 1?
| 2. If not, how does the OS know that the GX Accelerator is installed?
| 3. Is the performance I am seeing under Sunview reflecting the operation
| of the GX Accelerator, or does Sunview simply assume a generic
| machine and not use the GX? If the later is the case, how can I
| take advantage of the GX?

I received a number of responses. The answers to my questions are:

1. This patch tape is not appropriate for the Sparcstation.

2. The OS knows about the cgsix because of a line in the kernal
    configuration file. This line is:
  device-driver cgsix # 8 bit accelerated color frame buffer

3. Sunview, and any other application that uses the pixrect library,
    will automatically use the cgsix accelerator.

Thanks to all who responded.

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