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From: Bala Vasireddi (
Date: Thu Nov 30 1989 - 20:08:34 CST

Thanks to all the people below who responded to my question. Which was wether
I should reformat and remake the data partitions if I upgrade my machine
from OS 3.2 to OS 4.0.3.

From: (Daryl Crandall)
From: (Marc Cohen)
From: cancun!kathryn (Kathryn Fielding)
From: Charles <>

In Summary:
 Well the responses are 2 to 1 in favor of using the disks without formating.
Charles has mentioned that they are using unformatted disks after an upgrade
and didn't run into any problems.

Well, I did the upgrade last night (before some of the responses even came in).
Personally I think I could have gotten away without reformatting the disks
under the new OS. But since I had to repartition the disk (for more partitions)
I had to reformat. But just to satisfy my curiosity, after I upgraded and
before I reformated my 2nd disk I did an 'fsck' of the 2nd disk and mounted it
under 4.x. The 'fsck' complained about the length of something I can't recall
.... (it was 3.30 in the morning, :-)) being 24 and expecting it to be 512 and
"ADJUSTED" it. Besides that everything else went through fine.

If anybody wants more information, please don't hesitate to send me mail.

Thanks again to all those who responded.

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