scsi problems - 2 question summary

From: S. Holmes [Consulting Detective] (
Date: Mon Nov 20 1989 - 17:33:56 CST

Last week I sent 2 questions to the list and received a flood of
responses. Thanks to everyone. The questions were:

1) why booting a 3/50 with a scsi disk wanted to boot from the disk
   and not from the net even though the kernel was configured

There were mainly two answers to this. One was the the config line
need to be something like

        config vmunix root on nfs swap on nfs

The other had to do with changing the eeprom boot device. The config
line answer is the works. The problem, as it turns out, was that
the kernel had been configured to boot from nfs, but had not been put
into place properly, and (yes) the kernel being booted was the generic

The second question was about why dump aborted with a message
pointing to a bad sblock. Almost everyone answered this the same.
The entry in fstab had a typo in it which meant that dump couldn't
find it to convert it to the raw device.

Everything seems to work now.

Thanks again to: (Ken Smith)
Dan Trinkle <>
Phil Ritzenthaler <>
Andy Sherman/AT&T Bell Laboratories/Murray Hill, NJ
dan transue <>
Phil Hammar (Benny Yih)
Ken Lalonde <>
Sid Shapiro
William LeFebvre <> (Brandan Borgias) (Bala Vasireddi)
Dave Becker
john richardson
Dave Kemp <>

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Systems Administrator
Dept. of Mathematics (317) 494-6055
Purdue University
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