SUMMARY - stuck container shutting down

From: Greene, Les L <>
Date: Tue Sep 06 2011 - 14:51:17 EDT
All -

Thanks for all who responded...

Basically it is a known problem, and rebooting the global zone is apparently
the only way out for now.

Here are the responses:


Welcome to the wonderful world of Solaris zones (containers). Your issue is
quite well known. Unfortunately the only solution is to restart the global
zone. Part of the issue is that the specific zone process, zonedmd, does not
take any kill signals. We've encountered this a few times. We suspect that the
cause is a stuck process in the zone. This prevents the zone from fully


This is a known issue. It is in the docs. 'Fraid you just have to live with


Alas, yes.  When this happens it's usually down to a thread blocked in the
kernel and a reboot is the only fix.


We have seen it related to compile of a library for Oracle forms.
Whatever it was, it
seemed repeatable. It was on a test system so we rebooted the entire server. I
have not had time to go through bug/patch reports or work with Oracle on it.

D. Crocker

I've gotten zones into some strange conditions.  Sometimes the hidden zoneadm
commands can help, like `zoneadm -z [zone] unmount`, but sometimes it takes a
special order, e.g. `zoneadm ready` followed by `zoneadm halt`.  Sometimes
truss'ing the zoneadmd process can help determine the cause, which sometimes
can be remedied without reboot.

And sometimes the machine needs to be hard power-cycled.

Good luck,


---- "Greene wrote:
> Hi -
> I have a very irritating container that is in some kind of 47th
> dimension - not up but not down... but in "down" state ("zoneadm -cv"
> command results). I simply brought it down with the "zoneadm init 0"
> command, and it just hung there forever.
> I tried just about everything to unhang it... svcadm stop/enable the
> service, kill the zoneadmd proc, restart.  Halt, shutdown again, reboot,
> nothing worked.
> I finally just rebooted the global zone, which I really did not want to do.
> Has anyone encountered this problem before?
> Les
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