SUMMARY (brief) - Solaris System monitoring - options?

From: Peter Stokes <>
Date: Fri Aug 05 2011 - 05:27:16 EDT
Hi All

Many thanks for the many replies, too many to list each one. Here is the 
general brief overview, will post a more in depoth when I get a minute.

Most ref'd Nagios as open source and does a good job - so should be 
first port of call for investigation.

Various other both free and pay for systems are being used, general 
consensus was as follows.

1) The pay for options vary from good to not so good and really because 
of pricing is suitable for larger number of servers only.

2) The return is definitely related to the effort put in regardless of 
if free or pay for used.

3) Alternatives to Nagios were mentioned as were simple scripting for if 
a small number of servers are required using the standard prtdiag etc.

As my requirement is for a small number of servers, in the 5-15 range, I 
am going to investigate the free offerings and review my scripting that 
I already use to improve the reporting.

I will summarise when I get chance all the options suggested, together 
with any comments received as all are not equal it appears (as you would 

Thanks agin for your help.


Hi All

I am trying to find what options I have for monitoring the health of a 
few SPARC based systems on a site and would appreciate some feedback on 
what folk use and how effective they find it (and any costs involved in 
buying etc).

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Peter Stokes
Tel: +44 1636 627990

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