SUMMARY: Sun V215 and 600GB disks

From: Morty <>
Date: Fri Jun 17 2011 - 19:13:55 EDT
On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 02:02:41AM -0400, Morty wrote:
> I've got a few V215s that need a lot more capacity.  2x600GB would
> work.  But Sun/Oracle won't sell me 600GB disks for a V215.  SAN or
> external DAS is not an option.  Would third-party 600GB SAS 6Gbps
> disks (i.e. Hitachi) work anyway?  I would expect they would be
> backwards compatible, but I've been burned on this kind of thing
> before.  Or do I really need to budget for new servers?

Thanks to everyone who responded.  Based on the responses, I'm
comfortable proceeding with the drive upgrade rather than upgrading
the servers themselves.


Rob De Langhe thinks it should work.

Anthony D'Atri thinks it should work.

Matthew Morris said that they had done this kind of thing with V240s,
and had a problem with the V240s not liking a mix of 73G and 300G at
the same time.  He was concerned that the documentation doesn't
officially support 600G.  He recommends checking the official
documentation and HCL.  [I had already done this.  The official docs
for the V215 do not say that either a 300GB or 600GB is supported.
However, I often -- but not always -- find that larger disks than what
is officially supported also work fine.]  Matthew also recommended
trying a returnable disk as a test.

William Sweeney of Acclinet Corporation says that they have tested
some 600GB drives in V215s successfully.  They have an internal list
of specific drives that work better with Sun based on their testing.
They are happy to provide quotes.  They have not seen the mix issue
reported by Matthew Morris when using their preferred drives.

- Morty
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