SUMMARY: Accessing entPhysicalName on Sun Fire X4100 M2 service processors

From: Stier, Matthew <>
Date: Mon Jun 06 2011 - 17:15:06 EDT
I had received no answers, from anyone in the Sun Managers community,
but I did figure out a work around.

Since I was checking for information within the sunPlatEquipmentTable, I
found that the sunPlatEquipmentLocationName OID provides nearly the same
information as the entPhysicalName OID.  (Actually, in most
circumstances, more.)

Note: There are actually many complaints against Sun (Oracle) concerning
the use of these two OIDs/arrays/tables on systems with service
processors.  I've seen systems where the entPhysicalName OID is missing
indexes, and other systems where the values of the
sunPlatEquipmentLocationName OIDs are truncated.

From: Stier, Matthew
Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2011 6:05 PM
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Subject: Accessing entPhysicalName on Sun Fire X4100 M2 service

I have X4200's X4200-M2's and X4170's but I've inherited three
X4100-M2's and have a problem snmpwalk-ing 'entPhysicalName'. This OID
is used to map system sensors names to sensor table indexes.

I have no problem snmpwalk-ing this OID on the other systems; including
the X4200-M2.

I have no problem snmpwalk-ing the entPhysicalTable or entPhysicalEntry
OID's on any of the systems.

I have no problem snmpget-ing the individual entPhysicalName indexes.

I cannot snmpwalk any of entPhysicalName's siblings on these three

The systems ILOM/BIOS/Firmware is up to date.

The OID for entPhyscialName is:

Any hints?  Any history?


Matthew Stier
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