SUMMARY: WWN changed, ZFS confused

From: Andrew Williamson - Fujitsu <>
Date: Fri Jun 03 2011 - 10:59:51 EDT
Hey all

Of course, Oracle got back to me not long after I'd posted this.. Maybe they
were reading, eh? ;-)

Here's what I did, based on Oracle's action-plan below. Thanks to Maciej at
Oracle for his assistance.

root@ host > zpool export iscsidevos
root@ host > zpool import iscsidevos
cannot import 'iscsidevos': pool may be in use from other system
use '-f' to import anyway
root@host> zpool import -f iscsidevos

Basically, an export and a re-import. There's no way another system was using
it, but it got the huff anyway. Thanks to all and Hendrik Visage just
suggested the same solution as it turns out (a "zpool online" didn't work
though, Hendrik).

Below is the action-plan Oracle came up with.

+++++ACTION PLAN++++++

execute following commands

# zpool export  iscsidevos
# zpool import  iscsidevos
# zpool status iscsidevos

Hopefully this will pick up the changed/new WWN.....
What the zpool import command does is exam all disks labels for a pool name,
if it finds a pool name which has been exported then it attempts to import
that pool. I'm hoping it changes the WWN of that pool on the fly. If this
doesn't work the you will need to attach the new WWN to the pool and then
online the pool.

# zpool attach -f iscsidevos c3t600A0B800049CC710000FDDF4BB08408d0

If this works the online the pool

# zpool online iscsidevos c3t600A0B80003AAFA10000FE8F4BB0BE63d0

If this works then detach the original WWN device

# zpool detach iscsidevos  c3t600A0B800049CC710000FDDF4BB08408d0

If none of this works then the pool iscsidevos will need to be destroyed and
recreated with the new WWN and the pool will need to be restored from backup.
I suggest that way, because changing WWN on the array is a bit tricky and
should be used as a last resort.

+++++++++END OF AP+++++++++++++++++

Thanks to all for reading, hope the above is of use if it happens to someone
else. As with (I suspect) most people with working systems, we don't go
updating firmware just because one is available and though Oracle didn't name
a specific bug, they suggested the array be upgraded to latest firmware. We
may do that in the future, but for the moment we'll see how we go.

Thanks all.


On 6/3/11 10:28 AM, Andrew Williamson - Fujitsu wrote:
> Hi
> Can anyone advise please ? Got a T5120 with a StorageTek 2510 as the SAN
> storage. We had a powercut recently and when the SAN came back, it decided
> change the WWN of one of the volumes. It's a development system, but
> regardless - I want it back! Also, this could just has easily have been
> production. Oracle support are dragging their heels, I'm a week on and am
> receiving sporadic email updates. That's a separate issue we'll raise with
> account manager however.
> Anyway, the device was (and we have explorer and CAM array diagnostics to
> support this) showing the volume on the host as
> c3t600A0B800049CC710000FDDF4BB08408d0 and since the power cut it's now
> it as c3t600A0B80003AAFA10000FE8F4BB0BE63d0. This volume hasn't been
> or anything, it was working on the old WWN name and then it changed when it
> came back.
> root@host>  zpool status -xv
>    pool: iscsidevos
>   state: UNAVAIL
> status: One or more devices could not be opened.  There are insufficient
>          replicas for the pool to continue functioning.
> action: Attach the missing device and online it using 'zpool online'.
>     see:
>   scrub: none requested
> config:
>          NAME                                     STATE     READ WRITE
>          iscsidevos                               UNAVAIL      0     0
> insufficient replicas
>            c3t600A0B800049CC710000FDDF4BB08408d0  UNAVAIL      0     0
> cannot open
> format output:
>         8.
>            /scsi_vhci/ssd@g600a0b80003aafa10000fe8f4bb0be63
> Specify disk (enter its number): 8
> selecting c3t600A0B80003AAFA10000FE8F4BB0BE63d0
> [disk formatted]
> /dev/dsk/c3t600A0B80003AAFA10000FE8F4BB0BE63d0s0 is part of active ZFS pool
> iscsidevos. Please see zpool(1M).
> So, the header on the volume clearly associates that volume with iscsidevos
> (the zpool above). But with a different WWN.
> Devfsadm has cleaned the tree up, removed the old WWN and presented the new
> one.
> "Zpool import" shows nothing. "zpool replace" won't work.
> root@host>  zpool replace iscsidevos c3t600A0B800049CC710000FDDF4BB08408d0
> c3t600A0B80003AAFA10000FE8F4BB0BE63d0
> cannot open 'iscsidevos': pool is unavailable
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks
> AW


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