SUMMARY: Sun 501-6719: GigaSwift Ethernet UTP/GigaSwift Copper Saturn/Option 4150 in E250?

From: Jim Seymour <>
Date: Sun Feb 13 2011 - 20:05:54 EST
Original question:
> G'day,
> So I've an opportunity to get a free one of these
> for our E250 at work.  The web page mentions a number of Sun hardware
> platforms, but not the E250.  Is there any reason that, with the right 
> patch, it won't run (correctly)?

Received several responses most of them amounting to "it
should work fine."  The reason it wasn't mentioned is the card
in question came out after the E250 was EOL'd, so the
combination was never qualified.

So into the E250 it went this morning and I'm happy to report
it works fine :).

Thanks to Peter Stokes, Michael Horton, Matthew Stier and
Sal Serafino for their answers.


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